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Crown Lengthening In Arden Arcade

Crown lengthening is a treatment where the doctor will cut into your gums and, in some cases. bone in for a lengthening. In some cases. if you are seeing a periodontist for a crown they may suggest a lengthening to ensure a proper fit.

For instance:

  • Cracked tooth near gum line 
  • Gums with cavities 
  • Removal of crown 
  • Divided crown with tooth decay

If you have had a diagnosis above the dentist will fix your tooth so the crown has enough surface to attach the crown. To affix the crown a minimum of 3mm of tooth exposure is required for a crown. 

Smile Makeovers

Every so often your smile may be hidden under your gums when you show your pearly whites. If your teeth are covered by your gums it is referred to as a gummy smile. Gummy smile or gums that are uneven can be fixed by crown lengthening. 

Why Crown Lengthening May Be Necessary

When the gums take up an extensive amount of surface space on the tooth, the necessity of a crown lengthening procedure becomes more apparent. If you have a short tooth, severe tooth decay beneath the gum line, or a fractured tooth that has broken off beneath the gum line, then a crown lengthening procedure may be your best option for a successful tooth restoration. Our dental team will gain better access through this crown lengthening process to expose the tooth and ensure it remains in good health.

What Happens in A Crown Lengthening

During your initial appointment before the lengthening it is advocated to have a dental exam x-rays will be taken to determine:

  • Girth of interdental bone 
  • Quantity/quality of bone among your teeth 
  • Face muscles anatomy 
  • Gingia diameter

If the periodontist finds a broken filling he will endorse a temporary crown. The crown is used to accurately measure how much tissue is required to be extracted for the new crown. Procedure length can vary depending on how many teeth are receiving a crown. If you get a crown lengthening it’s suggested to treat the nearby teeth to give a natural smile.

Before the surgery you will be administered anesthesia the periodontist will make incisions in the gums to remove a section of tissue to uncover sections of your teeth to improve your smile. The periodontist may take a section of your bone along with the gum tissue to guarantee the crown will seat correctly. The open wound will be sanitized and have stitches applied and a substitute crown will be implanted.

After surgery you will be given bandages to stop bleeding, pain relievers for pain and mouthwash to clean your mouth while healing. After your surgery its required and suggested to adhere to a specific diet. Its recommended to apply an ice pack to the affected area which helps diminish bleeding or swelling.

Other limitations include: 

  • Rest for a day 
  • Chew and drink on the other side 
  • No smoking 
  • No alcohol 
  • Do not use a straw 
  • Do not contact the surgical site 
  • Do not lie down or sleep on the affected side

You will have a follow up appointment around seven to ten days later in which the doctor will monitor your incisions to ensure if they have rehabilitated properly your stitches/sutures will be extracted. Roughly four to six weeks later you will have an additional appointment with your dentist where they will make sure your gums have healed properly and then the dentist will proceed with attaching a crown.

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Crown Lengthening FAQ

Q: What happens in a crown lengthening? 

A: Local anesthetic will be applied they will then reshape bone tissue and excess gum. 

Q: Is treatment painful? 

A: Local anesthetic will dull majority of the pain. 

Q: How long does it take to recover? 

A: Normally recovery time is around six weeks long. six to eleven days after the surgery your stitches will be removed. 

Q: How do I get an appointment?

A:You can Call Us or Make An Appointment Online