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3433 Arden Way Ste. B,
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 655-7717

Arden Dentist

It is imperative to your health to take proper care of your teeth with good oral hygiene. But when your are searching for a dentist throughout Northern California, it becomes a challenge to find a dentist you can rely on and be comfortable with. Everyone needs a general dentist that makes you want to come back.

Our team at Smile Time Dental provides top-notch dentistry services to care for your gums, teeth and smile. We would love for you to become part of are dental family. Our DDS office is always ready to receive a new patient, we come highly recommended and we always provide a safe and clean place, and we are here to learn what makes you feel happy and comfortable.

What we emphasize with our dental patients:

Preventative and oral hygiene
Association with diet, oral health, and systemic problems

Smile Time Dental DDS provides safe care and dentistry services for all our patients

Dental implants
Tooth extractions
Root canals
Sedation dentistry

Root planing and scaling

Loose Tooth
Lost Filling or Crown
Severe Pain

Each of our dentistry practices are supplied with the most current dental technologies which provide an experience with better treatment, diagnosis and comfort.

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With over 10 years of dentistry experience as dentists, Smile Time Dental Arden delivers the best standards or personalized care and service for the whole family. We ensure everyone is treated like a member of the family and receives the best care for their specific needs. Check out our reviews. 

Call (916) 655-7717 to schedule a dental care with our Arden dentists.

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