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CEREC® Dental Crowns In Arden Arcade

Even if you floss and brush twice a day you may still have a conflict with degrees of tooth decay involving either a crown or filling that seals your teeth to prevent future breakdown or using a method known as CEREC®. 

CEREC® Definition

CEREC® is an acronym for chairside economical restorations in esthetic ceramic. This is a method that uses computer aided design cad to replace fillings and fix any teeth that suffered from chipping decay and more. CEREC® is created using ceramic materials that feel and look like authentic teeth. 

Certified CEREC® Dentist in Arden

At Smile Time Dental we provide CEREC® tooth rejuvenation throughout the greater Sacramento area. We use cad technology and years of training and experience in crown design. The procedure is easy and simple:

  • A simple exam to determine that CEREC® is the correct option for your filling or crown. 
  • Once approved the doctor will remove all of the damage and weak areas of the tooth. 
  • A camera known as an omnicam is used along with a special powder to take a 3D image of your tooth.
  • The image is uploaded into the CEREC® software where it will mill the ceramic piece to perfectly fit your tooth. 
  • The CEREC® dental machine mills out a piece of ceramic to the specified shape is needed to be adhered to the tooth. 
  • After the tooth is constructed the dentist will stain it to a color close to your teeth and bake it to create a shiny glaze. 
  • The dentist will then adhere the crown to the damaged tooth.

The CEREC® procedure is a permanent solution to a fully restored tooth and after a short while you will be able to eat and drink as normal.

At Smile Time Dental we want your procedure to go as smooth as possible. Our dentist and staff will explain any questions or concerns you have with your CEREC® implant or procedure.

Taking Care of Your CEREC® Crown

Having a proper oral health routine will increase how long your CEREC® crown will last. The first step is paying attention to the fitment of your crown. If you crown needs an adjustment be sure to schedule an appointment immediately.

To properly care for your crown: 

  • Try to avoid hot beverages or high in sugar foods as these would cause increased sensitivity to the crown. 
  • Carefully floss around the teeth your crown to ensure it stays firmly in place. 
  • Wear a mouthguard if you have issues with clenching or grinding. 
  • Restrict the amount of sticky foods you eat as these can remove or shift the crowns. 
  • Reduce your intake of tobacco and coffee to maintain the luster and color of your crown. 
  • Be sure to schedule dental cleanings every 6 months.

Along with these suggestions follow any recommendations your dentist instructs specifically recommendations pertaining to your recovery period. 

This highly accurate procedure ensures that your tooth is as good as new and in some cases is even considered better than the alternative dental crown option. Most CEREC® prosthetics last 27 years or more! From shape to the exact shade, our dental team takes pride in making sure the once damaged tooth is fixed and fit perfectly to your mouth and liking. If you are looking for affordable dental crowns in Arden Arcade, CEREC® is a speedy technology that you may be interested in exploring.

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Q: Do we use the same material as a lab? 

A: We use the same material as the best dental labs. Ivolcars emax is a beautiful strong accurate and great bonding material. 

Q: Whats the benefits of CEREC crowns? 

A: Having a 1-day turnaround and precision fitment. 

Q: Do CEREC dental crowns look natural? 

A: Yes each crown is individually customized color matched and conforms to the curves of your teeth. 

Q: How accurate is the CEREC dental crown machine?

A: The crowns created are highly accurate but small adjustments may need to be made to create the perfect fit.

Q: How do I get an appointment?

A:You can Call Us or Make An Appointment Online