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General Dentistry

Smile Time Dental is a general dentist who treats kids ranging from three to adults of any age.

We have locations in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, Auburn, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Lincoln, Elk Grove and Fairfield. Our dentists focus on developing children’s oral hygiene habits early on and educating parents to nurture healthy routines.

What We Emphasize With Our Younger Dental Patients:

  • Preventative and oral hygiene
  • Educating parents
  • Association with diet, oral health, and systemic problems

Our General Dental Services at Any Of Our Dental Offices Including:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Oral Surgery
  • Invisalign
  • Emergency Dental Care

Each of our dental practices are supplied with the most current dental technologies which provide an experience with better treatment, diagnosis and comfort.

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With over 10 years of dental experience as dentists, Smile Time Dental delivers the best standards or personalized care and service for the whole family. We ensure everyone is treated like a member of the family and receives the best care for their specific needs

Check out our complete list of services, such as CEREC, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crown Lengthening, Dental Implants, Dental Financing, Emergency Dental Care, Extractions, Inlays\Onlays, Invisalign, Oral Surgery, Periodontal Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers, Root Canals, Sedation Dentistry, Teeth Cleaning and Zoom Whitening. We have offices in Arden, Auburn, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fairfield, Folsom, Lincoln, Rocklin, San Ramon and S. Sacramento. Call us to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

Hygiene/Deep Cleanings

A teeth cleaning is also referred to as dental prophylaxis, and should be scheduled twice a year to maintain proper oral health.

General Dentistry FAQ

Q: When should my child first see the dentist?

A: The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) suggests that children visit the dentist by age 1 or within six months of the first tooth.

Q: Does my insurance cover me?

A: Your insurance provider will inform you whether they cover the procedure and what percentage they will cover.

Q: Do I really need x-rays?

A: The amount of x-rays needed depends on the dental, medical and current condition. Some patients need x-rays every dentist visit and some may need x-rays every couple of years.

Q: Why should I go to the dentist every 6 months?

A: Bi annual cleanings are important to keep you gums and teeth healthy. During a cleaning the dentist will remove tartar and plaque build up.

Q: What causes cavities?

A: Cavities are areas of the tooth that are permanently damaged and have developed into tiny holes. Cavities are caused by bacteria, sugary drinks, and bad oral health.