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Medi-Cal Denist (Denti-Cal) In Sacramento

What is Medi-Cal?

CA offers a medical benefits program which is known as Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal give benefits to anybody in CA for those who are eligible. 

The dental benefits program is called Denti-Cal. Anyone eligible for medi-cal also receives dental benefits. You will need to present you Medi-Cal ID card to acquire dental treatment. Who is qualified for Medi-Cal dental anyone with limited income can qualify for Medi-Cal if you have residency in CA. To receive benefits from Medi-Cal you need to apply on Medi-Cals website and your eligibility will be reviewed by county social services. After accepted, CA will issue a Medi-Cal ID.

Denti-Cal Medi-Cal benefits:

  • Oral evaluation 
  • Exams 
  • Root canals 
  • Tooth extractions 
  • X-rays 
  • Fluoride 
  • Prophylaxis 
  • Oral surgery 
  • Scaling and root planing 
  • Periodontal maintenance 
  • Filings including amalgams composites 
  • Crowns 
  • Emergency treatment 

Your Denti-Cal dentist will inform you which services are included with Medi-Cal. They will also help you determine the proper treatment covered under your benefits. 

We get that insurance policies combined with overwhelming dental issues can be a lot to handle all at once. That’s why our team at Smile Time Dental Sacramento wants to help in any way possible to make your experience a smooth and comfortable one. From answering insurance questions to providing you with all the proper documentation, our staff of dental professionals will make sure you are covered when it comes time to take care of your teeth, gums, and general oral health.

If you have questions regarding your dental benefits, you can call the call center at 1-800-322-6384. If you have your Medi-Cal ID, call any of our smile time dental offices to make a dental appointment. Be sure to bring your benefits id card when you visit.

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