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Sedation Dentistry In Granite Bay

Kids and adults can be overwhelmed or frightened when someone mentions a dentist. Dental anxiety is when a patient is fearful or anxious before going to the doctor. This syndrome usually stems from an adverse visit or being fearful of dentists and dental professionals.

When you call Smile Time Dental to schedule a consultation at our Granite Bay office be sure to tell them that you experience dental anxiety so that our dental staff can appropriately prepare for your session and provide the specific care for your needs. For many clients dental anxiety and worry is the most uncomfortable not the actual dental treatment. We will prescribe laughing gas or an oral sedative will be administered ahead of the dental treatment to help the subject relax. These aids will help ease dental anxiety and helps relax the patient to allow the dentist and staff to finish your dental treatment. Laughing gas is used on both adults and kids and is administered at various dosages.

Sedation dentistry is used when a patient has dental phobia/anxiety. We offer multiple solutions and care tactics for people that struggle with dental anxiety to ensure their dental appointment at our Granite Bay office is stress free. These aids are available to people who evade the dentist to receive proper dental treatment. Everyone will have different degrees of anxiety and the dentist will determine the type or combination of sedatives.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled through a mask and is oftentimes referred to as laughing gas. Patients will inhale the gas to induce a tranquil state. Along with the gas, a local anesthetic would be applied to eliminate discomfort and so that patients feel relaxed.

Oral Sedatives

A pharmaceutical medication will be administered thirty minutes to an hour or 12 hours before the dental treatment. Oral sedatives are not a pain reliever and anesthetic will be applied to the affected area.

Intravenous IV

Sedation IV sedation provides medication distributed through a small needle inserted into a vein in your hand. IV sedation does relieve pain and anesthetic will be applied to the affected area. IV sedation keep the patient in a relaxed state.

If you or your loved one suffer from dental anxiety and are interested in sedation dentistry, contact Smile Time Dental in Granite Bay. We take the time to understand your concerns and create a dental treatment plan that’s right for you.

Before any sedation option is administered, our dental professionals will ask a few questions to ensure that everything goes safely. You can expect requests for information regarding medical issues to clarifying if there are any allergies you or family members have so as to help our dental team prevent any problems during treatment. Of course, if you have already had sedation in the past due to a medical procedure and did not have adverse effects, you should do well with sedation dentistry. If you are still feeling nervous we are here to help! It’s our goal to make sure you feel comfortable and understand your treatment so please let us know if there are any other questions you may have regarding sedation dentistry. Our dental team will be here to put your fears to rest!

Call us to schedule a dental appointment at our Granite Bay office or request an appointment online.

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 Sedation Dentistry FAQ

Q: Will I feel the pain? 

A: Majority of patients do not experience discomfort during the treatment. 

Q: Will I be fully relaxed? 

A: You will be given a safe amount of sedation so that you will be unaware of the procedure as if you were asleep. 

Q: Will I remember the procedure? 

A: After the dental treatment you will have little to no memory of your dental appointment. 

Q: Will I be dazed or groggy after my appointment? 

A: Every person can be different so we do require to have someone drive you home after your procedure. 

Q: Is sedation dentistry right for me? 

A: Before the treatment we sit down with you to review your medical history and our team of specialists monitor you extremely close while under sedation.

Q: Does dental sedation have risks? 

A: In any procedure there is always a risk before your treatment we will review the risks in a pre-appointment so we can answer any questions. the safety and comfort of our patients is our highest priority and we follow the guidelines provided by the american Academy of Pediatric Dentistry along with having up to date monitoring equipment. 

Q: Who decides if my child receives dental sedation? 

A: The parent will decide on a treatment plan that was recommended by your family dentist. the treatment plan will be determined by your child’s x-rays and medical history to determine if dental sedation is beneficial for your child. 

Q: How Do I Make an Appointment?

A: You can call us at our Granite Bay office or make an appointment online


If you have more questions regarding sedation dentistry, don’t be afraid to reach out to our office staff for answers. We want you to understand your procedure and know that you are receiving the best treatment for your oral health because a great smile starts when you are feeling confident. Contact us at (916) 260-0704 to reach our Granite Bay office so that you can speak with someone for assistance.