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El Dorado Hills Root Canals

Should I Get A Root Canal?

If a tooth is decayed or fractured Endodontic treatment is used to save a tooth. Root canals are Endodontic treatments. This procedure is finished in one or two visits determined by the required work. When the operation is completed the tooth will act like a normal tooth. 

What Is An Endodontist?

A dentist that has 2 years of extra education specializing in the inner parts of teeth. If you need a root canal the doctor will often refer a patient to an Endodontist. Your doctor and Endodontist will partner with you to rectify your oral health. 

Common Symptoms of Root Canals

Schedule a consultation with a dentist if you experience:

  • Discoloration gum or tooth pain or sensitivity 
  • An abscess 
  • Pus drainage 
  • Tenderness or swelling of your lymph nodes

Periodically a complication can arise without warnings. An x-ray will be able to identify which tooth is damaged.

What Happens During A Root Canal

An Endodontist will extract the diseased pulp around the tooth’s nerve. The pulp chamber of the tooth will be cleaned medicated and sealed. A dental crown will be used to strengthen and protect the tooth. 

What Happens If I Need A Root Canal

After analyzing your x-ray an Endodontist will examine your gums teeth and bone structure. A treatment will be constructed and will be discussed with you. If a root canal is necessary:

  • A numbing agent will be applied to an affected area. 
  • A dental dam is used to separate and keep your teeth clean and saliva free. 
  • The tooth will have a hole made in the top and the nerve and pulp will be extracted to be replaced with a filling. 
  • A substitute filling is implanted pending your next consultation. 

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El Dorado Hills Root Canals FAQ

Q: What is a root canal? 

A: A procedure where bacteria is removed from the root of the tooth. 

Q: Is it painful after the treatment? 

A: You will feel tenderness for a couple of days and pain will last 17 to 24 hours. You can use over the counter pain. If you experience pain past a couple of days contact your oral surgeon. 

Q: How long is the procedure? 

A: It is determined by the severity of your root canal you may need multiple visits with each visit taking between 30 and 90 minutes. 

Q: Is the procedure painful? 

A: If your pulp is dead your nerves will feel no pain if it’s alive local anesthetic will be administered. 

Q: What is the recovery time? 

A: After your procedure you should encounter gradual healing after 7 days. 

Q: How much is a root canal? 

A: It is determined by the intricacy of the surgery and the type of insurance.


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