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Velscope® Oral Cancer

Dental health is extremely important and related to your overall health. Being examined by a qualified dentist is the best way to determine if you or your loved one has oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening Benefits

An estimated 53,000 people have been diagnosed with oral and oropharyngeal cancer in the past year. Oral cancer is treatable, but left untreated oral cancer has a high mortality rate. People who smoke smoke or use tobacco, heavy consume alcohol, have a genetic predisposition or HPV in the mouth are more susceptible to oral cancers and should be tested more frequently. 

How a Velscope screening works

With today’s technology it is possible to diagnose pre-cancerous signs before the cancer can even form. Velscope® VX System is a handheld scope that uses Fluorescence Visualization, a blue light, that will expose lesions and changes that wouldn’t be invisible to the naked eye.  The soft tissue of the mouth absorbs the light, displaying problem areas as darker on the doctor’s device.

The velscope allows the doctor to easily detect changes in tissue, making the presence of cancer known early on. The velscope screening takes less than 3 minutes. If symptoms or signs are found during the screening, the doctor may take a biopsy to determine if the tissue is cancerous. The results from the biopsy will determine the course of treatment for you. Otherwise you will be scheduled for periodic follow-up appointments to monitor the affected area.

If you have any questions regarding the velscope system or about oral cancer screening, please contact any of our offices to speak with a dentist.

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VELscope® FAQ

Q: Does the Velscope oral cancer screening procedure take long?

A: The screening process is non-invasive and should take approximately 2 minutes.

Q: Who will administer the VELscope® Vx exam?

A: The exam will be performed by a licensed hygienist or dentist.

Q: Is the VELscope® Vx exam dangerous?

A: The exam is not dangerous. However if you have a history of photosensitivity or taking photosensitive medications, you should discuss with your dentist prior to having this treatment.

Q: How do I get an appointment?

A: You can Call Us or Make An Appointment Online