Dental Insurance Benefits – Use It or Lose It

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The last month of the year is the perfect time to get dental treatment done. Many dental benefits will reset on January 1st of the new year, and if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Your insurance company will send you an explanation of your benefits. The Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) should provide you with your maximum benefit available, which is the dollar amount that your insurance will pay for exams, teeth cleanings, or other dental work. Below are a few of the most popular benefits you should take advantage of:

Routine Checkups

Your dentist will likely recommend that you come in for an exam and cleaning at least twice a year. Also, many insurance companies will offer benefits towards two exams and cleanings per year, in six month intervals. It’s understandable that towards the end of the year people get busy and forget, but why miss a chance to use all of your annual benefits?

Regular checkups help to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and your smile bright.

Outstanding Treatments

If you have available benefits and dental work recommended by your dentist, now is a good time to call your dentist and set an appointment before the end of the year.  

Also, if the necessary treatment is large enough and will require multiple visits, you can plan to have your treatment overlap between multiple coverage years, spreading the cost that your insurance company will contribute to your care to your advantage.


Many dental plans require patients to pay specific out-of-pocket costs before the insurance company will kick-in. If your deductible has been met, you should consider scheduling an appointment to take care of any procedure you have been putting off.

If you or your love one have questions regarding your insurance benefits or would like to schedule an appointment give Smile Time Dental a call at any of our locations and we would love to help you.